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Meet Tracey Underhill

Tracey is a  mother of two  boys. She has been a registered nurse for over 20 years, with three degrees and a science undergrad. She specialized in urology as an NCA ( nurse continence advisor) assisting in lifestyle changes for people with urological issues,
 as well as educating, advising and teaching. 

As a naturopath practitioner she is certified in many areas of health and wellness ,
 NLP , hypnosis, and timeline therapy. She is  a neurolinguistic practitioner and has years of experience with energy work ; essential oils, touch therapy,  guided meditation, crystal use and Reiki . She is also a certified International Sistership Circle facilitator.Facilitating transformations in safe group settings.

Tracey has been a personal trainer for over 25 years,  with lots of experience in doing personalized meal plans and exercise plans for clients of varied ages and with varied goals in mind.  

Over the years Tracey has been able to combined all her tools to become an Integrative functional Transformational Healer and coach. 

As a holistic  empowerment and transformation  coach she  specializes in holistic health and wellnes. She can help you get clear about what you really want and help you get there.

As your coach she is knowledgeable about much more than the specifics of your goal. She is also skilled at helping you create clarity, plan your strategies, develop skills, cope with challenges, and follow through with action until you get the results you want. She can guide you to additional resources you may need.

And when you get stuck? This is a where a well-trained, experienced coach shines. She can help you master the inner game, or the mental game, that plays out between your ears. You can have the best plan and the greatest intentions, but whether you win or lose ultimately depends on 'mastering your mindset', regardless of your goal.

Let's face it. You probably have a pretty good idea about what you need to do. You know the basics of healthy eating, the value of exercise and sleep, and the need to let go of emotional garbage, reduce stress, and have some fun. And, you really do want to feel better, look better, and enjoy life more.

As your coach she will help you design and create inner and outer environments that propel you toward success. Then, you no longer have to rely on motivation and will power alone.


Personal Training

 Reach your fitness and health goals with the custom support and guidance you need. Personal Training keeps you accountable, motivated and on track to reaching your fitness goals wherever you may be in the world. No need to cancel or reschedule sessions, you get to bring your trainer with you!

My Fitness Programs are tailored specifically to YOUR needs and can include – monthly workout programs to follow on your own and/or Virtual Personal Training sessions live via Skype with me, to help you reach your fitness goals.

Your coaching program and fitness training will be designed with whatever equipment, if any, you have available, as well as your time constraints and limitations. Your workouts will be 100% designed for you and your lifestyle, whether you’re in the gym, at home, the office or traveling.

Lifestyle Changes

You’re once again feeling motivated to eat better, exercise more, drink less caffeine or make any number of the positive lifestyle changes you've been telling yourself you want to make. You've tried before — probably declaring another attempt as a New Year’s resolution — but without feeling much success. Making a lifestyle change is challenging, especially when you want to transform many things at once. This time, think of it not as a resolution but as an evolution.

Lifestyle changes are a process that take time and require support. Once you’re ready to make a change, the difficult part is committing and following through. So do your research and make a plan that will prepare you for success. Careful planning means setting small goals and taking things one step at a time.

Life and Empowerment       Coaching

Are You HERE Most of the Time?

“I hate my body.” “I’m completely overwhelmed and don’t know what foods are healthy any more.” “I’m too tired to exercise.” “I want to stop obsessing over the cellulite on my thighs.” “I want to be able to drink wine AND be healthy.” “Half the clothes in my closet don’t fit me any more.” “I want to stop putting my needs last.” “I’m sick of trying every fad diet known to man.” “I want to make more money.” “I hate my job.” “I want someone to take of me for once!” “I want to turn heads when I walk in a room!” “I want to feel confident and sexy!” “I want to feel vibrant and healthy!”

Ready To Transform Yourself and Be HERE Instead?

Feel Confident. Feel fit and feminine in your body. Exude what it means to be a leader and walk your talk. Feel energized and focused in your daily life. Have clear skin and look years younger. Feel inspired and BE inspiring. Love your body and everything she does for you. Receive compliments from others daily. Find exercise fun and exhilarating. Have sex with the lights on. Eat well and enjoy wine as part of your lifestyle. Lose weight and maintain your ideal weight. Stress Less. Make more money. Connect to your inner wisdom. Sleep well. Feel alive!

Speaking &Workshops

When Tracey speaks in daily life or in workshops, her goal is to empower and challenge her audience to become the best version of themselves. She offers practical health tools and encourages individuals to recognize and step into their own power towards living the life they want. She is skilled in office and group workshops , to assist your team to stand in their power to become better versions of themselves.

Create a life that lights you up!


Gathering as women for a retreat can be a transformational experience. In a world where competition and measuring ourselves against one another is still so prevalent, it can be profoundly soothing to connect with other women in a safe and supportive setting where respect and mutual empowerment is a given. When we add the element of spiritual practice in a women’s retreat, we have the opportunity to recognize the divine feminine in everyone and everything. The retreats vary widely in their content, but when women get together for a shared purpose, there is always a sense of sisterhood. Women can leave feeling inspired, and deeply affirmed. A side benefit of connecting deeply with other women, is that you can’t help but get to know one another! It’s common to leave a women’s retreat with a handful of new close friends.

Couples retreats and mother daughter retreats offer similar experiences!

What our customers are saying

I have watched Tracey evolve in this area for the last few years and she is so involved with her clients, helping them reach their goals and helping in the healing process mentally. We have had lengthy chats about her love for her business and how she truly loves helping others. If you are looking for one on one or even group sessions to up level and empower, message her anytime.

Jason Swazey